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Rubric Bank

VALUE Rubrics

This set of rubrics was created out of the Valid Assessment of Learning in Undergraduate Education (VALUE) project in the Association of American Colleges and Universities (AAC&U). Teams of faculty and other academic and student affairs professions from across the US developed and tested these rubrics and have confirmed their validity and reliability for use across disciplines. 
Civic Engagement 1
Creative Thinking
Critical Thinking
Ethical Reasoning
Information Literacy
Inquiry Analysis
Integrative learning
Intercultural Knowledge
Lifelong Learning
Oral Communication
Problem Solving
Quantitative Literacy
Written Communication

Disciplinary Rubrics

Anthropology Rubrics
Arts Rubrics
Civil Engineering Rubrics

Senior Project Design Rubric (Carnegie Mellon University)

English Rubrics
Ethics and Moral Decision Making Rubrics
History Rubrics
Mathematics Rubrics

Math Rubrics for 5 Learning Objectives (Discipline Panel in Mathematics)

Natural Science Rubrics

Scientific Inquiry (University of South Carolina)
Natural Sciences Rubric (Florida State)

Philosophy Rubrics

Philosophy Analysis Paper Rubric (Carnegie Mellon University)

Physics Rubrics

Statics Rubric (Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology)

Religious Studies Rubrics
Senior Thesis Rubric
Senior Religious Interpretation & Analysis Rubric (St. Olaf)

Other Rubrics 

Rubric for Checking Rubric Design

Project Design Rubric

Class Participation Rubrics
Group Participation Rubrics
Levels of Participation (Bowling Green U)
Group Participation
Upper Level Discussion Performance Rubric
Oral Communication Rubrics
Written Communication Rubrics

Written Communication and Critical Reading Rubric (University of Florida)

Portfolio/ePortfolio Rubrics
Other Rubric Banks

University of Hawaii at Manoa Rubric Bank

Association for the Assessment of Learning in Higher Education Rubric Bank

Old Dominion University Rubric Bank

Rubrics for assessing digital media products (wikis, podcasts, etc.)