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An Introduction to the Incoming Class of 2021

In September, Santa Clara will welcome a new cohort of first-year students to campus– the Class of 2021. As we prepare to receive these new students into our campus community, I am pleased to provide a brief introduction by way of some descriptive statistics. Current projections suggest that the incoming class will be a bit larger than was originally planned; although we routinely see attrition over the summer months as a number of confirmed students inevitably choose to accept admission offers from competing institutions. As soon as our enrollment figures are finalized, the Provost’s Office or the Deans’ Offices will be in touch with affected units regarding any necessary planning to accommodate additional students.

The Class of 2021 is an academically accomplished group of women and men. Their average SAT composite score of 1,371 and average ACT composite score of 29.84 places these students in the 96th and 95th percentile for each test, respectively. They have a combined grade point average of 3.69. The racial and ethnic composition of the class reflects Santa Clara’s continuing commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive community; 46.8% of students identify as persons of color, reflecting a slightly more diverse group than last year’s cohort. Approximately 51 percent of the class calls California home; 51 of its members are international students. Nearly a third of the class attended a Catholic or Jesuit secondary school.

Please join me in welcoming these newest members of our community in the fall and helping them feel more at home as you encounter them on campus.