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Campus Climate Survey

This Tuesday, January 23rd, Santa Clara University embarks on its first comprehensive Campus Climate Study. The study is being conducted as a response to recommendations made by the Blue Ribbon Commission on Diversity and Inclusion as well as the Task Force on Diversity and Inclusion.

The study is meant to gauge the current attitudes, behaviors, standards and practices of all employees and students at Santa Clara University. The study will be conducted by an outside consulting firm, and all feedback will remain anonymous. After you complete the online survey, you will be given the option of entering your name in a drawing for a series of prizes.

Look for a formal email invitation from Father Engh on Tuesday, January 23rd that will announce the start of the survey. I encourage everyone--students, faculty, and staff--to take part in this study and help us gain the most accurate assessment of SCU’s campus climate. Information on the study can be found through this link.