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Common Reading for First-Year Students

March 30, 2016

Each summer, Santa Clara University invites incoming first-year students to read a common book or series of articles prior to attending new student orientation. For Orientation 2016, the Faculty Directors of the Residential Learning Communities have identified three documents focusing on academic integrity.

  • Jensen 2014 Integrity Interview, an interview of Michael C. Jensen in Rotman Magazine, by Karen Christensen.
  • The Moral Bucket List,” David Brooks, an op-ed piece on ethics from the New York Times.
  • Chapter 7 from The Cheating Culture: Why More Americans are Doing Wrong to Get Ahead, David Callahan.   The chapter, "The Cheating Culture,” deals with cheating in academia.

The Faculty Directors have also identified Academic Integrity at MIT, A Handbook for Students, as an excellent resource. 

Phil Kesten, Associate Vice Provost, explains that the goal in the selection process was to identify readings that: 

  • focus on integrity, in particular academic integrity, 
  • focus on responsibility to self and community rather than the avoidance of penalties, and
  • will engage students in lively and thoughtful discussion during new student orientation 

The Faculty Directors will reserve time during Orientation 2016 for students in Residential Learning Communities to sign the University’s Academic Integrity Pledge.




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