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Brett Solomon

Brett Solomon

Office for Diversity & Inclusion Promotes Inclusive Faculty Hiring, Development

The Office for Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) is an invaluable resource to the university community, fostering diversity and inclusion in faculty recruitment and retention in a variety of ways. Since its inception in 2013, ODI has provided numerous services and programs to support inclusive faculty hiring and development opportunities for teacher-scholars from underrepresented groups. My hope is that faculty members and every department at the university will make use of these programs as we strive to make good on our commitments to promote inclusive excellence at Santa Clara University.

In the spring quarter, the Office for Diversity and Inclusion began working with departments across campus that are preparing to employ new tenure-stream faculty in order to promote inclusive recruitment and hiring. ODI provides formal training to search committees to understand the importance of diversity, address issues of bias, and ensure fairness in the search process. The office also provides support by reviewing job ads and recruitment plans, and can help to expand the reach of recruitment campaigns into new academic markets to reach a more diverse pool of applicants. ODI is currently assisting search committees in the College of Arts & Sciences, Leavey School of Business, School of Education and Counseling Psychology, and School of Engineering to promote inclusive hiring for tenure-stream faculty positions.

In addition to providing support for recruitment and inclusive hiring, ODI works closely with Faculty Development to foster growth opportunities and retention for current faculty members. The office has helped to provide funding for new faculty to participate in the National Council on Faculty Development and Diversity's (NCFDD) Faculty Success Program, an intensive 12-week program promoting skills development and a network of support for faculty members from underrepresented groups. ODI has also partnered with Faculty Development to coordinate and facilitate this year’s VITAL (Vitality in Teaching and Learning) series, which focuses on teaching inclusively. VITAL is a longstanding faculty reading and discussion group at Santa Clara offering opportunities for peer-to-peer discussion about teaching. Finally, ODI works with Faculty Development and the Faculty Collaborative for Teaching Innovation to include diversity-related programming for New Faculty Orientation and the CAFE series.

Another way the university fosters inclusive hiring and development for early-career scholars, in particular, is through support for the College of Arts and Sciences Inclusive Excellence Post-Doctoral/Post-MFA fellowship program. The program aims to support the early development of teaching scholars from historically underrepresented groups. Several departments are currently recruiting applicants for fellowships to begin in fall 2017. The College’s leadership has been instrumental in the creation of a new Jesuit Post-Doctoral Diversity Program Consortium, which is designed to expand diversity among Jesuit institutions across the United States while providing fellows with meaningful employment experiences in Jesuit settings and enhanced professional development opportunities, including career preparation and a cohort-based network of peers.

These are just a few of the programs made possible with the support of the Office for Diversity and Inclusion. I encourage departments and search committees to contact Interim Associate Provost for Diversity and Inclusion Brett Solomon and ODI Director Ray Plaza to take advantage of training opportunities to support inclusive hiring, as well as to make use of opportunities to cultivate a more diverse pool of applicants in faculty searches. Individual faculty members and staff will also find resources to help us collectively foster a campus culture that honors diversity and inclusive excellence at Santa Clara on the Office for Diversity and Inclusion website.