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Refining Components of Elaborated Strategic Plan

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Last quarter, the campus community discussed Santa Clara 2020, our ambitious integrated strategic plan. Over five hundred faculty and staff participated in the disciplinary cluster discussions or attended one of the four town hall meetings at which the President and I discussed the three component plans, one of which is the Elaborated Strategic Plan.

The Elaborated Strategic Plan is organized around six strategic goals, which expand into twenty-four objectives concretized by a set of critical components. Each component is associated with a specific outcome that the University aspires to achieve by 2020 to help realize one or more strategic objectives or goals. The goals, objectives, and critical components have been developed through an iterative process in which members of the University community exercised their creativity and developed innovative ideas for advancing the University.

I invite faculty and staff to help continue refining the integrated strategic plan as we work to develop an elaborated description for each component by Summer 2014. The current phase of planning invites all members of the Santa Clara community to participate in one or more of the discussions taking place this spring.

Discussions are organized by the themes and topics below. More information about the topical discussions is on a university intranet site, including descriptions of the critical components, the names of discussion organizers, and dates of upcoming discussions.


  • Advancing Contemporary Theological Studies, Education, and Ministry
  • Cultivating Ethics, Sustainability, and Compassion
  • Developing An Integrated Six-quarter Undergraduate Educational Experience
  • Facilitating Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Service of Humanity
  • Fostering Excellence in Teaching and Learning
  • Imagining STEM at SCU
  • Promoting Diversity, Retention, and Success


  • Center for Arts and Humanities
  • Global Engagement Initiatives and Study Abroad
  • Student Research and Fellowships
  • Thriving Neighbors Initiative
  • Vocational Discernment