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SCU Achieves Its Highest Six-Year Graduation Rate; Retention Rates Remain Strong

I am pleased to announce that efforts across the university in recent years have yielded the highest six-year graduation rate on record at Santa Clara University: 88.6%, as achieved by the fall 2010 cohort. Four-year graduation rates also remain quite strong at 84% (fall 2012 cohort). The university continues to attain exceptional first-to-second-year retention rates, as well. Among the cohort of first-time, full-time, degree-seeking undergraduates entering in fall 2015, 96.0% have returned in fall 2016. Retention of Cal Grant recipients at Santa Clara has reached a historic high of 99.1%.

These successes reflect gains in recent years and are the result of the collective efforts of Santa Clara’s faculty and staff; they are also an indication of the strength of the students the university continues to admit. Thank you all for your commitment to our shared success and to our students. Additional information about the university’s graduation and retention rates, including disaggregated data, can be obtained through the Office of Institutional Research.