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Stem Leadership

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Over the course of the 2014­15 academic year, the University engaged in visioning and programming for the STEM project.

The visioning process, which occurred in fall of 2014, produced a bold, distinctive vision statement for a STEM Initiative and STEM Complex; STEM Initiative guiding principles, and principles and boundaries for the STEM Complex.[Provide link]

The programming process, which began in winter 2015 and will conclude shortly, aims to translate the ideas that emerged from the visioning stage into a detailed space program that supports the vision and strategy statements.

In the 2015­17 academic years, the University will develop an implementation plan for the STEM initiative; work with a design firm to develop facility plans for the STEM complex; and engage in fundraising efforts to support the realization of the STEM vision. Additional work to develop appropriate facility and resource management models will begin this summer.

Leadership for the STEM project over the 2015­17 academic years will include four committees: 1) executive committee, 2) vision implementation committee, 3) advisory committee on facility design, and 4) fundraising committee. Chairs of committees 2­4 will work together to collaborate and coordinate activities. A working group will research and recommend resource and facility management models. A complete list of committee members is on the STEM2020 site.