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Dispute Resolution Channels

The following two individuals are available and willing to serve as neutral and external mediators or group facilitators, on a case-by-case basis, for departments and units. Plase contact Vice Provost Elsa Chen ( for further information, including fee structures.

·       Dorit Perry, Adjunct Professor, SCU School of Law and Leavey School of Business. Perry is a specialist in alternative dispute resolution and mediation. As an adjunct faculty member and a member of the Task Force to Promote Informal Approaches to Conflict Resolution, she has an understanding of the SCU faculty culture and the academic environment. She has assisted in the past with mediation of conflicts between colleagues and of department retreat facilitation.

·       Cathy Avila-Linn, private consultant and coach. Avila-Linn has assisted SCU’s Human Resources Department in the past in third party conflict resolution and as a retreat facilitator.