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What is Faculty180?

Faculty180 is a software package created specifically for faculty activity reporting and evaluation.  For more general information see:

How will Faculty180 be used for faculty evaluation process?

Faculty180 will be used for faculty activity reporting, annual evaluations, as well as, rank and tenure, mid-probationary review, Senior Lecturer promotion and renewable term Lecturer reappointment processes.  Sabbatical applications will also be managed through Faculty180.

What is the timeline for implementation of Faculty180?

A three-year implementation process is drafted. The first year will focus on getting the FAR fields correct as well as ensuring that data is collected for accreditation and other reporting needs. The next stages are to roll the system out to the mid-probationary review cases, lecturer reappointments, senior lecturer promotion, promotion to full professor and tenure cases.

Who will be involved in implementation?

Using a template implementation plan provided by Faculty180, a committee structure and timetable have been established to move forward with implementation (see implementation link below). During 2016-17, we plan to pilot the system to approximately 50 faculty members to test faculty activity fields and ensure accurate and necessary data collection. The test cases will range across the schools and colleges. Volunteers are welcome. With the help of student workers, we will provide individualized support in entering the documentation needed for the faculty activity reporting.

When will faculty have to start using Faculty180?

Starting in Fall 2017, faculty will be using the system for annual FARs and evaluations.  By January 2017, through the summer, faculty will have access to start using the system and uploading data.  Training sessions and student support will be provided.

How was Faculty180 chosen?

In summer 2015, a working group comprised of faculty and staff members of each school ( at least one faculty member, one staff member, and one associate or assistant dean from each school) reviewed various software management systems for evaluation and promotion processes (e.g. faculty activity report, annual evaluation, rank and tenure, mid-probationary review, Senior Lecturer promotion and renewable term Lecturer reappointment). Information Technology assisted with the review of the software systems.  The group identified the top three possible vendors – Faculty 180, Digital Measures, and Lyterati. In January of 2016, representatives from each of the three potential vendors were on campus for two days to present demonstrations and answer questions. A survey of attendees was conducted.  Video demonstrations were also made available for the community to review through February.

After considering all of the feedback, the working group recommended that Faculty 180 be adopted.  Faculty 180 offers a user friendly interface, a dashboard function to manage activity, a high-degree of customizability that can be managed locally, many options for workflow development, capacity to generate customizable CVs, biosketches, accreditation reports, a link to webpages for timely updates to faculty CVs, and an excellent service record (confirmed through reference checks).

Before the software decision was finalized, on-line demo Q&A sessions were held with the deans and chairs of Arts and Sciences, Business, Engineering and Counseling Psychology in May of 2016. IT also conducted a complete review of Faculty180.  With a green light, the contracts were signed in June of 2016.

 For additional questions, please see the Frequently Asked Questions linked below.