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Quarterly and Semester Adjunct Faculty Employment Classification Change

Beginning in Fall 2019, quarterly and semester adjunct lecturers were classified for employment purposes as “non-exempt” employees.  This change is per California state law.  This website/webpage is designed to keep you informed as we work through SCU’s collaborative governance system to implement this administrative change. Our goal is to engage all voices to ensure the final implementation is fair and values the important work of our faculty. Please check back often.

Faculty Time-Tracking Training Sessions Information

For training sessions hosted by Human Resources, please visit the HR calendar site and look for Time Tracking: Hourly (Non-Exempt Employees).

And for your convenience, posted below are Workday guides you can review.

Still Need Help?

Use the following list to identify the appropriate person in your school:

College of Arts and Sciences:
Kathleen Schneider

Leavey School of Business:
Elizabeth Barron-Silva

School of Law:
Benjamin Martin

School of Engineering:
Lisa Jocewicz

School of Education and Counseling Psychology:
Jonathan Clough

Jesuit School of Theology:
Ed Stewart

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