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Housing Assistance

The high cost of housing in the local area poses a challenge for Santa Clara University in its efforts to recruit and retain highly qualified faculty. Recognizing the importance of affordable housing, the University has established two housing assistance programs for tenured and tenure-track faculty: [1] a rental assistance program and [2] a purchase assistance program.

The rental assistance program is intended to ease the transition into the local housing market for tenure-track faculty and for newly hired tenured faculty during the first year of their appointment. The program provides monthly rent support and periodically adjusts the level of rent support based on changes in the local housing market.

We have recently announced a rental support program from our renewable-term lecturers. That draft program description has been developed in collaboration with the Faculty Affairs Committee, which is consulting broadly with a goal of finalizaing the program description by June 2018.

Santa Clara University makes University-owned rental units available to newly hired tenure-track, tenured faculty and renewable-term lecturers, subject to availability.

The purchase assistance program is intended to enhance the affordability of a single-family residence in the local area for tenured and tenure-track faculty. The program provides assistance with the mortgage and closing costs associated with the purchase of a primary personal residence. The program is available to eligible tenured and tenure-track faculty.  

On May 23rd, 2018, the University announced a new pilot program in partnership with Landed Housing Solutions to offer up to $120,000 in down-payment support to eligible faculty members who are buying a home. 

You can learn more about both of these housing assistance programs including detailed eligibility requirements by contacting the Provost's Office at 408-554-4774.

FAQs Faculty Housing Assistance Programs

Please note: The housing assistance programs have been modified over the years to respond to changes in the housing market and/or government regulations. Program details are updated at least annually.  To ensure that you have current program descriptions, please contact the Provost's Office as described above.