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Retirement and Phased Retirement

Retirement and Phased Retirement

The policies and privileges outlined here can be found in the Faculty Handbook in section or in the online version of the Faculty Handbook.


  • A tenured faculty member or senior lecturer is eligible to retire after ten years of service at Santa Clara University and after reaching age 55.
  • A faculty member must notify the chair, dean and provost one full year before the academic year in which retirement is to begin.


  • A tenured faculty member or senior lecturer is eligible to apply for phased retirement after seven years of service at Santa Clara University, and usually not earlier than age 55.
  • Phased retirement involves a reduction in University responsibilities with a corresponding decrease in salary, over a period no longer than five years.
  • Compensation is proportional to the level and distribution of responsibilities for teaching, scholarship, and service.
  • Faculty in phased retirement maintain benefits including health care, long term disability, life insurance, retirement and supplemental retirement plans, and tuition remission.
  • Phased retirement does not affect tenure, rank, membership in the Faculty Senate, or any faculty privileges.  Faculty in phased retirement may be asked to share office space.




  • The University will regularly sponsor receptions or lunches for retired faculty.
  • Retired faculty receive the alumni magazine, The Santa Clara Magazine
  • The Provost’s Office maintains a list of retired faculty with contact information. Please inform the Provost’s Office at 408-554-4533 if your contact information changes.
  • The Faculty Development Program is available to serve as liaison to retired faculty. Please call 408-554-2746 for assistance.
  • Retired faculty may use University rooms and facilities, when available.
  • A retired faculty member may be hired on an adjunct appointment or on a regular appointment not to exceed one year, with the benefits that normally accrue.
  • Retired faculty are invited to participate in programs such as “Literary Cuisine” and “Book of the Quarter” sponsored by the library.
  • SCU offers courses through the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute focusing on continuing education for mature learners. Retired faculty are invited to take Osher courses and to offer their services as Osher teachers. The  Osher Lifelong Learning Institute can be contacted at (408) 554-2382. For more information, visit the Oshser Lifelong Learning Institute website.




Santa Clara’s retirement benefits help individuals build long-term savings and a source of income after they retire from the University. There are two types of plans and contributions, both of which are tax deferred:

  • Defined Contribution Retirement Plan 401(a): The University will contribute an amount equal to 10 percent of one’s base compensation each pay period. Faculty members are 100 percent vested after two years of employment.
  • Tax Deferred Annuity Plan 403(b): Faculty can make voluntary contributions to a 403(b) plan, subject to plan limits. There are also catch-up provisions for faculty with fifteen or more years of service at Santa Clara.
  • For security reasons, ACCESS cards expire after two years. All card holder are contacted by phone prior to the expiration date and can request a two year extension.
  • Swiping a card at the gym will deactivate the card for one half hour. This may temporarily prevent entry to the tennis courts. If you have trouble with your ACCESS card call 408-551-1647.