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Workday for Faculty


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On September 1, 2019, the University will go live with the first phase of Workday implementation - HR and Payroll systems. This is a significant shift, which will affect everyone at the University by making many HR processes easily accessible. Implementation of Workday Financials (phase 2) and Student (phase 3) will occur over the next 1-3 years to complete our transition from PeopleSoft to Workday.

We will host lunch-time Workday information sessions for faculty in May to describe the changes Workday will bring to faculty members - please sign up here.  Additionally, HR will be offering a regular schedule of training sessions starting in June. Here are a few examples of the ways that Workday will make information more available and make  processes more accessible to you as a faculty member:


Faculty can view their academic information including all current appointment information. Education history can also be entered in Workday and will be accessible.


Faculty can view their salary and additional compensation, as well as view and print W-2 forms and pay slips. Direct deposit and W-4 information can be updated as needed. A great feature of Workday is the ability to have up to three direct deposit accounts.


Eligible faculty will make their benefit elections online and can view benefit enrollment for themselves and their dependents.  Enrollment updates can be made for employee and employee dependents due to life events. During open enrollment, faculty will be able to change benefit elections online.


All faculty will be able to request leaves of absence in Workday.  Additionally, non-exempt faculty will use Workday to track their hours worked.


Faculty will be able to access personal information such as job details as well as edit emergency contacts and general contact information.


Faculty who are managers for student employees will hire and approve time in Workday.


Faculty who are managers for staff employees will hire and approve time in Workday.

Contact Information

If you have any questions, please email

Workday @ SCU

For additional information on Workday processes and procedures, please visit the HR Workday @ SCU site.