Sustainability Research Grant

Applications due March 9, 2018

Santa Clara University is committed to fostering a more humane, just, faith-filled, and sustainable world.  Strategically, the University will develop a distinctive and substantial research focus on justice and sustainability by increasing faculty research and enhancing research collaborations in these areas.  To advance these goals, the Sustainability Research Grant, launched in 2009, works to establish a vibrant, productive, collaborative research community focused projects related to justice and sustainability. 

The Sustainability Research Grant awards in amounts up to $10,000. 

Grant Proposal Requirements

We request proposals to support current faculty research and creative activity and foster new scholarly projects in the areas of sustainability and environmental justice. We anticipate awarding up to thee grants for a one or two year project. At least one grant will be specifically in support of environmental justice work. Projects may involve an individual faculty member or a team of faculty.  Individual faculty grants will be up to $20,000 and team awards will be up to $30,000.  At the end of each project period, a two-page project summary (white paper) accessible to a non-specialist is required and will be publicly available on the web.  Full-time faculty are invited to apply. Proposals are due March 9, 2018 with awards announced in late mid April, and project start dates in June of 2018.

Proposals must be submitted electronically to with "Sustainability Research Initiative Grants" as the subject and must include a completed Grant Form and the following:

a. Project Title, List of Participating Faculty, and Project Summary (1 page)
b. Project Description (5 pages)
c. References (1 page)
d. Budget with budget justification (2 pages)
e. Future funding plan (1 page)
f. Patent development plan (1 page; only required if potentially patentable inventions are anticipated)

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