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University Research Grant

Applications due April 2, 2021

Research Grants support projects that will lead to significant publication or support from external sponsors. Recipients of University Research Grants are encouraged to work with the Sponsored Projects Office to develop a plan for obtaining external research funding in the future.

Teaching Grants support activities that will improve the quality of education at Santa Clara through curricular or pedagogical innovation. Preference is given to projects that promise to have a significant impact on an entire school, department, or program; projects that enhance the Core Curriculum or Residential Learning Communities; or projects that promote integrated education through faculty collaboration. All Teaching Grant proposals must indicate intended learning outcomes and provide a plan for assessment.

Most University Research and Teaching grants fall in the range of $1,000 to $5,000, but there are no absolute limits. All faculty with academic year appointments are eligible to submit proposals for Teaching and Research grants.

Previous University grant recipients are ordinarily not eligible to receive a new grant until the earlier grant has been completed and a final report has been submitted. Any exceptions should be accompanied by an explanation and an interim report. In accordance with a recommendation by the Committee on Research, proposals funded by the University will be available for inspection by other faculty upon request.

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