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We hope you will join colleagues across the disciplines and schools for these upcoming events that address inclusive teaching and diversity in the classroom.
A year ago we received data from the SCU Climate Study that concerned but didn’t surprise many of us. Students of color, first-generation students, students representing minority viewpoints, and students who experience other kinds of difference do not feel as welcome on our campus as we want them to. Moreover, they don’t feel welcome, in particular, in our classrooms.
The Climate Study data reinforces the SCU NSSE (National Survey of Student Engagement) data and what we have heard from students themselves in official and unofficial ways. The scholarship of teaching and learning shows us that the classroom environment (including students' sense of belonging--that they are welcome, that the professor wants them to learn, that they are respected) has a profound impact on student learning and on success after college

In response to this data, we began offering opportunities for conversation and learning around inclusive teaching, such as the Faculty Staff Learning Communities on Lisa Nunn’s 33 Simple Strategies for Teaching First-Year and First-Generation College Students and the Faculty Community of Practice to Increase Learning Equity.  This year, every new faculty member received a copy of Nunn’s book, and this quarter features more opportunities to learn about practices to build inclusion and respect in all of our classrooms. 

Join us for discussion and learning!
Eileen Razzari Elrod
Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Development
Professor of English
Limited Time Opportunity: Online Learning Module
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Embracing Diversity in the Classroom

Last year through the generosity of an individual donor, SCU entered a three-year partnership with the Association of College and University Educators (ACUE) in collaboration with the American Council on Education to offer a comprehensive program on research-based teaching in higher education. 30 faculty completed the training and another 32 are enrolled this year. Through a special agreement with ACUE, we are able to offer a single online module on inclusive teaching to all Santa Clara Faculty during October. The module consists of online content about what the research says about effective strategies and a list of practices to try out in your teaching immediately, next quarter, or long-term. Complete the module in its entirity and earn a badge, or just poke around--it's up to you. Let us know you're interested by signing up here.

Inclusive Teaching Events

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