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2013-2015 Highlights

Over the past two academic years, 44 sessions of CAFE were offered. Topics included:

  • Did They Learn It? Rubrics and In-Class Tools to Help Faculty Teach and Students Learn
  • Online Content: In-Class Activities and Student Learning
  • Using Images to Enhance Student Learning
  • Developing Activities to Deepen Student Learning: In-Class Strategies and Examples
  • Teaching With Problem Sets and Problem Solving: Enhancing Students' Critical Thinking
  • Visualizing and Presenting Data for Humanities and Social Sciences: Tools for Faculty and Students
  • Effective Discussions: Beyond "What Do You Think?" and "Any Questions?"
  • Electronic Portfolios and Student Learning
  • Mining MOOCs: What's In It For You and Your Students?

Nearly 1100 faculty and academic staff attended the CAFE sessions. This represented 297 individual participants from 64 departments or units