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Co-Directors and Faculty Associates

  • Nancy Cutler

    Collaborative Co-Director, Deputy CIO for Academic Technology, Information Services

    Nancy works with the Co-Directors and Faculty Associates to develop programming, workshops, and the technology resources to support teaching innovation.  She coordinates many of the academic technology efforts, working with the Instructional Technology Resource Specialists, to support Collaborative projects, CAFEs, the summer faculty workshops, and online course development. In addition to academic technology initiatives, Academic Technology provides resources for media production, graphics, web application development, and the campus cable TV system. 

  • Chris Bachen

    Collaborative Co-Director, Director of Assessment & Associate Professor in Communication, College of Arts and Sciences

    Chris works with Collaborative co-directors, other Collaborative colleagues, and faculty to develop new initiatives, programming, workshops, and other resources related to evidence-based practices in teaching, student learning, and assessment. Through her work on assessment of student learning, including analysis of SCU student survey data, Chris helps identify relevant issues and assists with the assessment of the Collaborative's impact on faculty teaching and student learning. She is a founding member of the SWIRL, the Success in Writing, Information, and Research Literacy initiative working with faculty across the university on assignment design and teaching strategies to improve student writing, critical thinking, and information literacy.

  • Eileen Razzari Elrod

    Collaborative Co-Director, Associate Provost for Faculty Development & Professor of English in the College of Arts and Sciences

    Eileen works with Co-Directors and Faculty Associates to imagine and develop new ways to support teaching innovation—in the CAFÉ sessions, in the redesigned summer Teaching and Technology Seminars, in the online DRT site, and in frequent consultations with colleagues. As Associate Provost for Faculty Development, Eileen offers support to colleagues in their teaching and research roles, and actively seeks additional resources for SCU teaching scholars.

  • Justin Boren

    Associate Professor, Communication, College of Arts and Sciences

    Justin's primary research interest is in how members construct networks of social support to reduce stress and burnout in their organizations. As part of his work with the Faculty Collaborative, he is facilitating a cohort of new faculty, developing curriculum around building a more supportive SCU culture, and helping colleagues seek peer support. He will be developing CAFE programing focused on support-related issues along with developing content on promoting support networks in the classroom. He is also actively involved in the LGBTQ Faculty Group.

  • C.J. Gabbe

    Associate Professor, Environmental Studies and Sciences, College of Arts and Sciences

    C.J. brings his research interests in environmental justice and professional background as an urban planner to his teaching. His work with the Faculty Collaborative is motivated by the opportunity to expand evidence-based techniques that meet the needs of different students, and design inclusive community-based learning that benefits both students and community organizations. He also values connecting SCU’s faculty with available resources, including the ACUE Effective College Instruction and NCFDD Faculty Success programs.

  • Allia Griffin

    Lecturer, Ethnic Studies, College of Arts and Sciences

    Allia’s primary area of research is Race & Ethnicity in the US. She draws on her background as an Ethnic Studies faculty member to support faculty professional development, particularly on issues of inclusive teaching. She helps colleagues deepen their understandings of the importance of community-building in the classroom, anti-racist pedagogies, and student engagement. Together with her colleagues, she has worked to develop ART-C, a digital archive of anti-racist public art and scholarship. In addition, Allia facilitates a faculty and staff learning community focused on supporting first-generation students. This year she is also a Faculty Fellow in the Center for Arts & Humanities and is actively involved in both the WOC Faculty Network and the Culture, Power, Difference writing group on campus.

  • Christelle Sabatier

    Neuroscience Program Director and Senior Lecturer in Biology, College of Arts and Sciences

    Christelle has been implementing innovative evidence-based pedagogies in her STEM courses for many years. In particular, she is passionate about promoting student centered strategies, inclusive teaching, and metacognition in introductory courses. As a Collaborative Associate, she works with many faculty across campus who are making changes in their own courses. She promotes the use of evidence-based and inclusive pedagogies through faculty learning communities and is exploring best-practices in teaching evaluations to support all educators across campus.

  • Patti Simone

    Professor, Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences

    In collaboration with Faculty Collaborative Co-Directors, Patti assists in creating learning goals, curriculum, and content for New Faculty Cohorts, and she also facilitates one of the cohort groups. In addition, she contributes to planning, programming, facilitation and leadership of the Chairs Leadership Forum.

  • Lisa Whitfield

    Senior Lecturer, Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences

    As a Senior Lecturer and experienced teacher in both face-to-face and online environments, Lisa works with the Faculty Collaborative to help fellow teachers with student engagement, course design and assessment, creating community in classes, and teaching students to use evidence-based study strategies. With psychology colleagues Patti Simone and Matt Bell, Lisa’s research focuses on helping students to regulate their own learning behaviors, especially outside the classroom. She contributes to planning, programming, facilitation and leadership of New Faculty Orientation and Faculty Retreats, with a particular emphasis on helping Lecturers navigate their professional lives at SCU.

  • Hohyun Lee

    Chair & Associate Professor, Mechanical Engineering, School of Engineering

    Hohyun joined the Collaborative as a Faculty Associate in September 2021. He is interested in learning more about how technology impacts learning. He is a faculty member and department chair of Mechanical Engineering and teaches courses in heat transfer and thermal system design. He is also an active participant of the Chairs Forum led by Faculty Development.