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Co-Directors and Faculty Associates

  • Chris Bachen

    Collaborative Co-Director, Director of Assessment & Associate Professor in Communication, College of Arts and Sciences

    Chris works with other Collaborative colleagues to develop programming, workshops, and other resources related to teaching, learning, and assessment. She coordinates many of the research efforts in the Collaborative, including the impact of redesigned classrooms on teaching and learning, and the pilot project on iPad use in the LEAD program. As Director of Assessment, she works with faculty and programs to design and implement assessments of student learning.

  • Nancy Cutler

    Collaborative Co-Director, Deputy CIO for Academic Technology, Information Services

    Nancy works with the Co-Directors and Faculty Associates to develop programming, workshops, and the technology resources to support teaching innovation.  She coordinates many of the academic technology efforts, working with the Instructional Technology Resource Specialists, to support Collaborative projects, CAFEs, the summer faculty workshops, and online course development. In addition to academic technology initiatives, Academic Technology provides resources for media production, graphics, web application development, and the campus cable TV system. 

  • Eileen Elrod

    Collaborative Co-Director, Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Development & Professor of English and Women's and Gender Studies in the College of Arts

    Eileen works with Co-Directors and Faculty Associates to imagine and develop new ways to support teaching innovation—in the CAFÉ sessions, in the redesigned summer Teaching and Technology Seminars, in the online DRT site, and in the frequent consultations with colleagues. As Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Development, Eileen offers support to colleagues in their teaching and research roles, and actively seeks additional resources for SCU teaching scholars.

  • Brett Solomon

    Associate Professor, Child Studies, College of Arts and Sciences

    Brett works with the AVP for Faculty Development on supporting under-represented faculty at SCU including the Faculty Women of Color Network, the African American Faculty Network, and the Latino Faculty Group. She also supports classroom diversity and inclusion efforts by collaborating on the VITAL (Vitality in Teaching and Learning) Series which focuses on inclusive teaching at SCU.

  • Amy Eriksson

    Academic Year Adjunct Lecturer, Communication, College of Arts and Sciences

    Amy is working on strengthening the Collaborative's communication efforts to invite more faculty to participate in the Collaborative's initiatives, especially the noontime CAFE series. She is also working on curating online resources to fit the themes of this year's CAFEs and improving the accessibility of DRT. Additionally, Amy ​facilitates ​a New Faculty Cohort for lecturers and work​s​ as a liaison for QALs and AYALs.

  • Julia Voss

    Assistant Professor, English, College of Arts and Sciences

    Julia is a member of the Faculty Collaborative-sponsored Student Writing and Research Learning (SWiRL) Initiative, an interdisciplinary project to cultivate effective critical thinking, writing, and information literacy pedagogies in writing-intensive courses across the disciplines. This year, ​the ​SWiRL ​team​ leads​ a year-long Faculty Learning Community with faculty from Arts and Sciences and Business in which participants study best practices for assignment design, assessment, and instruction in order to revamp a course, assignment, or unit in a writing-intensive course.

  • Tonya Nilsson

    Lecturer, Civil Engineering, School of Engineering

    Tonya is working with a team of faculty to submit a grant for Faculty Development under the NSF Improving Undergraduate Stem Education. During the winter quarter, Tonya will be facilitating a faculty learning community focused on developing effective activities in the classroom to engage students in the learning process. She will also organize and facilitate a three day teaching workshop this summer for STEM faculty that is sponsored by the School of Engineering.

  • Tim Urdan

    Professor, Psychology and Liberal Studies, College of Arts and Sciences

    Tim is working on three initiatives for the Faculty Collaborative. First, he is working with departments to discuss strategies for evaluating teaching validly and effectively. Second, he will lead a Faculty Learning Community in Winter quarter focused on developing quality assessments of student learning (e.g., tests, projects, demonstrations, papers). Third, he meets with a cohort of new faculty periodically. Tim also works with individual faculty on improving their teaching skills.