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Co-Directors and Faculty Associates

Co-Directors of the Collaborative

  • Collaborative Co-Director, Deputy CIO for Academic Technology, Information Services

    Nancy works with the Co-Directors and Faculty Associates to develop programming, workshops, and the technology resources to support teaching innovation.  She coordinates many of the academic technology efforts, working with the Instructional Technology Resource Specialists, to support Collaborative projects, CAFEs, the summer faculty workshops, and online course development. In addition to academic technology initiatives, Academic Technology provides resources for media production, graphics, web application development, and the campus cable TV system. 

  • Collaborative Co-Director, Director of Assessment & Associate Professor in Communication, College of Arts and Sciences

    Chris works with Collaborative co-directors, other Collaborative colleagues, and faculty to develop new initiatives, programming, workshops, and other resources related to evidence-based practices in teaching, student learning, and assessment. Through her work on assessment of student learning, including analysis of SCU student survey data, Chris helps identify relevant issues and assists with the assessment of the Collaborative's impact on faculty teaching and student learning. She is a founding member of the SWIRL, the Success in Writing, Information, and Research Literacy initiative working with faculty across the university on assignment design and teaching strategies to improve student writing, critical thinking, and information literacy.

  • Collaborative Co-Director, Associate Provost for Faculty Development & Professor of English in the College of Arts and Sciences

    Eileen works with Co-Directors and Faculty Associates to imagine and develop new ways to support teaching innovation—in the CAFÉ sessions, in the redesigned summer Teaching and Technology Seminars, in the online DRT site, and in frequent consultations with colleagues. As Associate Provost for Faculty Development, Eileen offers support to colleagues in their teaching and research roles, and actively seeks additional resources for SCU teaching scholars.

2022-2023 Faculty Associates

  • Associate Professor, Communication, College of Arts and Sciences

    Justin's primary research interest is in how members construct networks of social support to reduce stress and burnout in their organizations. As part of his work with the Faculty Collaborative, he is facilitating a cohort of new faculty, developing curriculum around building a more supportive SCU culture, and helping colleagues seek peer support. He will be developing CAFE programing focused on support-related issues along with developing content on promoting support networks in the classroom. He is also actively involved in the LGBTQ Faculty Group.

  • Associate Professor, Environmental Studies and Sciences Department

    C.J. promotes inclusive, evidence-based teaching practices and faculty development at SCU. He has led new faculty cohorts, organized writing retreats, presented at Teaching CAFEs, and supported faculty through the ACUE program. Additionally, C.J. was faculty director for the Spark Seminar program and contributed to two SCU Teaching and Technology Innovation Grant projects, including the Environmental Justice and Sustainability Research Toolbox.

  • Associate Professor, Anthropology Department

    I teach courses in social and cultural anthropology with foci on human rights and humanitarianism, gender and sexuality, and religion and politics. I approach my teaching opportunities and the classroom at SCU as an experience and space of mutual co-thinking and opportunity to question the world around us. A main push in my commitment to being a Faculty Associate is to mentor underrepresented and incoming faculty, particularly those faculty whose pedagogical approaches and representation in the broader landscape of academia need more infrastructural support.

  • Adjunct Lecturer, Economics Department, Leavey School of Business

    I teach undergraduate courses in Macroeconomics, International Economics as well as Managerial Economics in the MBA program. I always look for opportunities to connect with people who value teaching and we can mutually benefit in our roles as educators. I am committed to bring more faculty together, and work in new ideas and teaching projects.

  • Associate Professor, English, College of Arts and Sciences

    Amy is a feminist historiographer of rhetoric who researches histories of rhetorical education and public memory. She brings her research ethic and expertise to bear on her work as a Faculty Associate by supporting pedagogies and practices that foster connection and collaboration in the classroom, on campus, and across the community; that address and redress historic and present-day inequity and injustice; that empower those who have been marginalized and disenfranchised; and that support the full development of individuals and their communities into the future. Through contributions to CAFE workshops and her leadership of the new ACUE microcredential program, her work as a Faculty Associate this year focuses specifically on supporting inclusive teaching and DEI, with a particular emphasis on supporting new faculty in their transition to campus.

  • Associate Professor, English Department, College of Arts and Sciences

    Danielle specializes in African American literature and culture in the 20th and 21st centuries and is interested in the ways that literature, mass media, popular culture, and humor shape identity formation. In particular, her research and teaching reflect her interests in African American satire and comedy, the arts as activism, and the continuing influence of history on contemporary articulations of Black selfhood and belonging. As a Faculty Associate, Danielle uses her research expertise and experiential knowledge to contribute to and expand existing University initiatives to recruit and retain faculty from marginalized backgrounds. Specifically, Danielle is working to create robust new opportunities for mentorship and community for marginalized junior faculty as well as to establish clear paths to leadership for marginalized faculty at all levels. 

  • Lecturer, Bioengineering Department

    As a faculty in the School of Engineering, I love discussing principles of key concepts and approaching problem solving. Coming from 20 years of Biotech industry, I also love sharing my experience with students. Assuming many faculty with the same or similar interests, I would love to share and explore ideas and journey.

  • Professor, Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences Director, Neuroscience

    In collaboration with Faculty Collaborative Co-Directors, Patti assists in creating learning goals, curriculum, and content for New Faculty Cohorts, and she also facilitates one of the cohort groups. In addition, she contributes to planning, programming, facilitation and leadership of the Chairs Leadership Forum. She is working this year with mid and late career faculty in particular.