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Welcome to Engaged Learning: Cura Personalis in the Classroom
a digital archive that seeks to highlight ways that faculty, staff, students, and alumni are maintaining or forging community. The theme for this series this year will be “Cura Personalis in the Time of COVID.” Our intention is to create a sustainable digital archive that can simultaneously document the many projects occurring on our campus as well as be a gathering space for members of the community looking for resources, inspiration, innovation, and ways to remain connected.

During an academic year, where recent high school graduates found themselves attending college from home and not being able to participate in dorm life or other aspects of the first-year experience, building classroom community was even more important than ever.

Orchestrating successful peer review exchanges takes a lot of work. Now, though, as I read final drafts, I can see the rich results of that effort: stronger writing, stories that matter, and a community in which to share them.

A racial reckoning in newsrooms began in June 2020. Solidarity journalism workshops provided space for developing language to affect change.

A response to intellectual challenges from quarantine that appreciates spontaneous learning––without worrying about making progress on writing assignments.

What to do when a truck demolishes your wifi leaving you unable to teach.

Strategies used to foster community in Spanish class.

First-Generation Students powerfully share their own experiences of being in the classroom during this time.

This panel presentation highlights a range of solutions to the unique challenges of teaching and learning across time zones.

This panel presents some of the pedagogical work being done on campus that uses digital technologies to work toward racial justice, or that questions racial justice and equity of digital media.

A pair of videos featuring students’ perspectives on inclusive classrooms and one faculty’s strategies for creating an inclusive classroom online.