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The Collaborative for Teaching Innovation is pleased to support Faculty Learning Communities (FLCs).

What is a Faculty Learning Community (FLC)?

FLCs are groups of approximately 10 faculty members from different disciplines who come together around a common interest or problem to deepen their knowledge and expertise. In FLCs, members may do some readings in common, discuss relevant aspects of  teaching and learning, and explore and experiment with new pedagogies or approaches. At SCU, typically FLCs meet five to eight times per quarter. The FLC may last just one quarter or run throughout the course of a year, depending on the interests of the members. Sometimes inquiries undertaken by FLCs will lead to a publication in a teaching-related journal.


If you’re interested in participating in an FLC this quarter, please contact the facilitator.


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Faculty Learning Communities - Winter Quarter

Facilitators are SWiRL team members (Student Writing and Research Initiative)

This FLC wil explore how to improve students' writing, use of information, and critical thinking especially within the disciplines. Meetings will focus on brief assigned articles and work with FLC member assignments. The FLC is designed to to directly benefit participants' ongoing teaching.

For more information contact Chris Bachen or Julia Voss.