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SWIRL is a multi-disciplinary team of faculty and staff from across SCU.

The SWIRL Team hosts faculty development opportunities while also pursuing an active research agenda. Faculty development approaches have included lunchtime faculty development workshops and multi-disciplinary faculty learning communities (ranging from quarter-long to year-long.

The SWIRL team is able to:
- provide department or group workshops via Zoom
- provide one-on-one assignment feedback and consultation
- answer questions about how to introduce the SWIRL framework to others.

Meet the SWIRL Team
Navigate here to Chris Bachen
Director of Assessment; Associate Professor in the Communication Department
Navigate here to Nicole Branch
Co-Interim University Librarian; Associate University Librarian for Learning & Engagement
Navigate here to Laura Doyle
Academic Year Lecturer in the Civil, Environmental and Sustainable Engineering Department; Faculty Associate for the Collaborative for Teaching Innovation
Navigate here to Denise Krane
Director of the HUB Writing Center;  Lecturer in the English Department
Diana Morlang
Navigate here to Diana Morlang
Senior Lecturer Political Science, Adviser in the Drahmann Advising Center


Navigate here to Julia Voss
Associate Professor and Chair in the English Department; Director of Professional Writing, English

 Members Emerita: Megan France, Tricia Serviss