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Department Chair Resources

Department Chairs and Program Directors play a crucial role in the professional development and support of their colleagues. Faculty Development offers resources for the complex and rewarding work of department leadership.

This toolkit is designed to inform chairs and deans of relevant SCU policies and best practices.

Santa Clara University’s teaching-scholar model places considerable professional demands on faculty that must frequently be balanced with responsibilities as parents, spouses, partners, caretakers of elders, and the like. To support academic quality, gender equity, and faculty quality of life, SCU has implemented policies and practices that aim to provide faculty members with career flexibility and foster work-life balance. Examples include paid family and medical leave to care for a newborn or ailing parent, tenure clock extensions, and flexible course scheduling. 

Department chairs provide information to faculty about policies and benefits and in creating a department climate that respects and accommodates faculty needs for flexibility to the greatest extent possible

Other Resources for Department Chairs:

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