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Sustained Excellence in Scholarship

2012 Winner Sanjiv Das


Sanjiv Das has been remarkably prolific since he joined the Leavey School of Business faculty in 2000. Since then he has delivered more than 100 research presentations at conferences, workshops, and seminars, given keynote addresses in both domestic and international settings, and published nearly 60 journal articles and book chapters. May 2010 marked the culmination of a five-year effort that resulted in the publication of his 1,000-page textbook entitled, “Derivatives: Principles and Practice” that is now used both in academia and in practice worldwide. The hallmark of his work is a tight connection between theory and practice via a distinctly rigorous approach. Sanjiv has received numerous honors and awards throughout his professional career. Most recently he has written a series of three papers to propose ways in which innovative federal legislation could help to fix the mortgage debt crisis.

Awards, Faculty, Provost, Research

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