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  • Benefits

    SCU Retirement Benefits

    Retired Faculty Privileges

    • Email 
    • University identification (Access) card
    • Library use
    • Recreation facilities
    • Faculty discounts
    • Free parking permit
    • Participation in graduation 
    • May be hired on an adjunct appointment
    • Receive the alumni magazine, The Santa Clara Magazine



    • IT is currently setting up configurations in Workday that would enable the system to provide retired faculty names to the various offices that provide retired faculty privileges. These updates are expected to be ready during the summer of 2020. 
    • For security reasons, ACCESS cards expire after two years. All card holder are contacted by phone prior to the expiration date and can request a two year extension.
    • Swiping a card at the gym will deactivate the card for one half hour. This may temporarily prevent entry to the tennis courts. If you have trouble with your ACCESS card call 408-551-1647.

     Additional Emeritus Faculty Privileges

    • Name listed in school publications, including Bulletin
    • Invitation to University functions
    • Invitation to attend faculty meetings (without voting)
    • Departmental mailbox privileges