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Teaching Resources

Individual Consultations

Looking for feedback or resources related to teaching? Faculty Development offers confidential consultations to help you address questions about course design, particular assignments, challenging classroom dynamics, how to lead an effective discussion, and more. We also can help you navigate concerns related to your scholarly productivity, interpersonal issues, and other aspects of your professional life. Please email to request a consultation.

Classroom Observations

If you'd like to receive confidential, developmental feedback on your teaching, you can arrange to have a trained observer visit your class. Faculty Development offers developmental teaching consultations as well as guided student via the Small Group Instructional Response protocol. To schedule an observation, please contact

Midterm Feedback

Interested in getting midterm feedback from your students--unofficially and anonymously? Check out these resource sheets from the Teaching Center at Duquesne University, which include sample midterm student evaluation tools. Note you can add these to your Camino page (there's an "ungraded survey" feature in the quizzes tab, which invites you to make results anonymous), or you can also use Google Forms or Qualtrics.