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The requirements of the University Core Curriculum (or “Core”), including their specification and supplementation within each college or school, are presented on the following pages. To find the number of courses students must take in each area of the University Core Curriculum, check the table, which presents at a glance the number of courses required in different programs. Because of the variety of courses that fulfill these requirements and the relationship that may exist between the University Core Curriculum and other requirements, students should consult their advisor and read the following descriptions of the requirements before enrolling in specific classes.

The Santa Clara Core

Required of all Santa Clara University undergraduate students

Laying Foundations

2 English Composition
1 Religious Studies, Introductory Level
1 United States
2 Western Culture
1 Mathematics
Second Language (excluding Engineering Majors)

Reaching Out

1 World Cultures/Societies: Area Studies Regional
1 Religious Studies, Intermediate Level
1 Social Sciences
1 Technology
1 Mathematics and 1 Natural Science OR 2 Natural Science
(one laboratory science class must be included)

Integrating for Leadership

Sophomore status or higher recommended
1 Ethics
1 Religious Studies, Advanced Level, after completing 88 units
1 Third Writing Course

College and School

Supplemental Degree Requirements

Arts and Sciences

1 Ethnic Studies/Women’s and Gender Studies
1 Fine Arts
+1 World Cultures/Societies
Second Language (Proficiency through the 002 level or equivalent for mathematics and natural science majors, proficiency through the 003 level or equivalent for all other majors.)
B.A. Degree
+1 Western Culture
B.S. Degree
+1 Math/Natural Science, to total two each in Math and Natural Science


+2 additional Economics
Contemporary American Business
Global and Cultural Environment of Business
Intro to Business Computing
Leadership Competency
2 Accounting
2 Data Analysis
1 Information Systems
1 International Business
5 Business Core Courses
Second Language (Proficiency through the 002 level or equivalent.)


+7 Mathematics/Natural Science

Students may count courses as fulfilling more than one requirement if the courses have been approved as meeting the goals, outcomes, and criteria of more than one requirement.

TRANSFER students who enter Santa Clara with less than 44 units must take all three Religious Studies courses in the required sequence. Those who enter with 44 or more units may take any two Religious Studies courses.

General Statement

The following pages list all courses approved as satisfying University Core Curriculum requirements for the 2006–07 academic year, as of the date this handbook was printed. This list is helpful for long-range planning but it may not be complete at the time students are registering for classes. New or revised courses are sometimes approved during the year, and courses are infrequently removed from the approved list at the end of the academic year. A course listed on the following pages as fulfilling a Core requirement may not satisfy that requirement if taken after the 2006–07 academic year. Each quarter’s Schedule of Classes contains a current, definitive listing of courses offered that quarter that satisfy the University Core Curriculum requirements. Those lists take precedence over the list presented here and should always be consulted by students.

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