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  • Updated Weight Room Apparel Policy

    The updated weight room policies, effective Saturday, March 19, can be found under facilities and policies
    The apparel policy has been updated to: 
    Apparel that covers the trunk is required. Shirt/top armholes cannot hang lower than where the chest meets the stomach or a heart rate monitor would sit. 
  • Congrats to Lexie Smallwood!

    Lexie Smallwood, president of the equestrian team, won her class at IHSA Nationals in Lexington, Kentucky and is now the Intermediate Fences National Champion! Huge thank you to her coach, Nikki Abercrombie, and her sponsor, Ariat International, Inc. Way to go, Lexie!

  • Global Fellows

    We are so excited that our own amazing Campus Rec Coordinator, Catherine, will be traveling to Ghana this summer through the schools Global Fellows Program! To read more about the Global Fellows Program and the students going, click here.

Hours and EventsLive Head Counts


The Malley Center and Sullivan Aquatics Center will be closed on 4th of July. The Malley Center will open the following day on July 5th at 11am, and the Sullivan Aquatics Center at 12:30pm. 


Malley Center Hours

Summer Hours
Monday - Thursday: 6:30am-10:30pm
Friday: 6:30am-8pm
Saturday & Sunday: Noon-5pm
Hours are subject to change with holidays and special events.


Malley Center Front Desk: 408-554-4068


Iron Bronco Finish Line