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Hoofprint Challenge

Information about the Hoofprint Challenge 2013-2017.

To help us off-set please make a pledge to change behavior for a week, quarter or the year. Each change will equal an off-set amount due to your change having a positive impact on using less of our natural resources. We had 219.79 tons to off-set the travel from the club sports to competitions during the 16-17 academic year. 

We borrowed this pledge format from the University of Maryland’s. We would like to make sure they are recognized for their work calculating the environmental impact of each pledge actions. You can see their sources, assumptions and conditions for their calculations, and the numbers we used here at Calculations and Assumptions. As noted - we did adjusted ours to equal 7 day week, 11 weeks a quarter and 52 weeks a year.

To take the pledge complete this google form

Interested in your own Carbon Hoofprint?

Take the SCU student developed Hoofprint Calculator to see how your carbon emissions compare the average citizen in countries all over the world.

The Bronco Hoofprint Calculator was first developed by a team of Environmental Ethics Fellows at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics: Christina Lesnick, SCU '13, Samantha Juda, SCU '13, and Tim Verengel, SCU '13.



Campus Recreation began a campaign to bring awareness to behavior changes that can
contribute to reducing carbon emissions. After calculating the total club sports emissions for
competition travel for the 2012-2013 academic year, the total emissions equated 263 tons of
carbon dioxide being emitted. In efforts to lower the total club sports emissions for 2013-2014,
Campus Recreation engaged the entire campus by quantifying small, medium, and large impact
behaviors and challenged students and staff to do enough to "offset" the emissions from club

2014 – 2015

The 2014 – 2015 Hoofprint Challenge began October 20, 2014. After calculating the total club sport emissions for the competition travel for the 2013-2014 academic year, the total emissions equated to 135 tons of carbon dioxide, which was approximately 130 tons lower then the previous year.

2015 – 2016

This challenge had 248 tons to off-set from the 14-15 year of club sport travel. We were not successful in reaching this goal. We believe the format survey was to much like the previous to years and we did not market the challenge as well as we could. We only off-set 84 tons and left 163 to off-set.  

2016 - 2017 

This year we adjusted the survey to be a pledge, and had totals for a week, quarter or year of the behavior change. We accomplished this years total of off-sets; and additional gained 17 tons through our Terracycle birgades program. We had the largest number of club sports athletes participating in the pledges - with 82 of the 88 students and we had 5 faculty/staff - all 93 helped us off-set 125 tons. 

2017 - 2018

This year, due to staffing issues, we were unable to keep up the Hoofprint Challenge and were forced to move this project to being "inactive". We still encourage all to take a look at the "Pledge" form to see how much of an impact we all can make to reducing our footprint on the environment. We at Malley pride ourselves on helping out and encourage everyone to continue the fight with us!