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Can I request my camper be grouped with their friends?

Yes, we do allow campers to submit friend requests. Not all friend requests can be accomodated depending on camper age and age group size. You can put this information on the “Required Camper Form.” If you have already submitted the form, email your request to


My child is 12 years old and x months, can they still sign up as a CIT?

No, we have a strict policy that the CIT must be 13 years old before the first session they will work.


The Returning Camper or Fac/Staff/Alumni discount date has past but can I still have an extension?

Unfortunately we are unable to accept the returning camper discount after April 15, and the faculty/staff/alumni discount after May 1.


I purchased one session with a discount, but I want to purchase another one, but the deadline has already passed. Can I still get a discount?

Unfortunately we are unable to accept the returning camper discount after April 15, and the faculty/staff/alumni discount after May 1.


My child was enrolled in a previous year, do I have to fill out immunization, medical/dental, etc. info again?

Yes, all medical, immunization, and insurance information must be submitted again each year.


Can I change camp sessions?

We may be able to accomodate transfers to other sessions (space permitting). Please send an email with the following information;

Email to:

Subject line: Camp Session Change Request - [Last Name]

Email Body: Camper(s) Name:, Current Session(s):, Desired Session(s):


You have not been officially transferred until you receive an email confirmation.


The camp session I am interested in is full, is there a waitlist?

If the camp session you are interested in is full, email with your child’s name and the desired camp session you are interested in. We will place you on the waitlist and email you if a spot becomes available. Historically, we have taken multiple campers off the waitlist for most sessions.


My child is 5 years and x months, can they still sign up as a camper?

Please contact us to see if we can accommodate. 


What is the non-profit tax ID number for Bronco Kids All Sports Camp?



When and where can I pick up a parking pass(es)?

Parents pick up parking passes when they drop off their campers on the first day. Parking passes are only available for the Leavey Center parking lot.


Where do I drop off campers in the morning?

Parents should park in the Leavey Center Lot and walk their camper(s) to the front of the Malley Fitness and Recreation Center.


What times are campers to be dropped off in the morning?

Campers can be dropped off in the morning from 8am-9am. They will be supervised during this time, however no instruction will begin until 9am.


What time are campers to be picked up in the afternoon?

Campers should be picked up at 4:00pm and by 4:10pm at the latest (unless they are in extended care), to avoid the $17.50 single day extended care fee.


Who can pick up my camper?

The only people who can pick up your child are the people designated as “Authorized Pick Ups” on your “Required Camper Form”. All authorized pickups must be 18 years or older and must bring a photo ID. CITs may not pick up campers, as they are not over 18.


Who can pick up my CIT?

CITs may be released on their own, with parent permission, or released to the people designated as "Authorized Pick Ups" on your "Required CIT Form".


What should my child bring everyday to camp?

Campers should bring a reusable water bottle (we will provide cold water) and wear comfortable shoes for playing sports/physical activities. Optional items include; a light snack, sunscreen (however we will provide sunscreen), sport specific equipment, a hat, a backpack or bag for additional personal items. Campers should not bring additional games, toys, cell phones, iPods, or other personal electronic media players or devices.


Is lunch provided?

Yes, your registration fee does include lunch (for both Campers and CITs) Monday through Friday.


Do you know in advance what the meal schedule/food options will look like?

While we typically are not given the meal schedule in advance from the university dining provider, daily lunch consists of a hot entree, salad bar, sandwich bar, and a dessert. Water and lemonade are also provided.


What if my son/daughter has a food allergy or dietary restrictions?

Contact for additional information on your personal situation. We may be able to make accommodations, depending on the situation.


How does pool time work? What if my son/daughter isn’t a great swimmer/can’t swim?

Swim/pool time is recreational, free swim time, and there is no formal instruction/lessons. Campers must pass a swim test (swim one length of the pool) in order to uses the lanes 7ft in depth. If they do not pass, they must stay in lane 1, which is 3ft 6in. We also have a platform we can put into the pool for campers to stand, if they are not tall enough to reach the bottom.


When will my child swim?

Campers will swim 3 out of the 4 days (Monday-Thursday). Campers will know what days their group will swim on Monday.


Who is watching my child in the pool?

There are two certified lifeguards present - one at the edge of the pool next to the campers. Camp coaches are also in the water and surrounding the pool providing additional supervision.


Can my child use a life vest in the pool?

The only personal floatation devices allowed are United States Coast Guard approved life vests.


What hours are extended care?

Extended care runs from 4-6pm Monday through Thursday. No extended care is offered on Friday. Campers must be picked up by 6:10pm to avoid any additional fees.


How much does extended care cost?

Extended care costs $80 for the week (Monday-Thursday).