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Date Location Competition Result
10/22,23/17 UCSC IHSA Zone 8 Region 1 Horse Show Saturday:Senior Lexie Smallwood won 1st in both the Open Flat and Open fences, winning her the High Point Rider award for the competition. Alyssa Byerly was 2nd in the Intermediate Fences, and Kayleigh Dobson was 1st in the Novice Fences. Camille DuBois was 4th in the Novice Fences and 2nd in the Intermediate Flat. Charlotte Arrouye and Kayleigh Dobson were 2nd in their respective sections of Novice Flat, with Maddie Mott placing 6th.

Sunday: Senior team president Lexie Smallwood won 1st in the Open Flat and 5th place in Open Fences. The total points earned her the Reserve High Point Individual Rider award. Senior Alyssa Byerly was 2nd in Intermediate Fences, as was Junior Wendy Conaway in Novice Fences. Freshman Julia Ventura won 1st in Intermediate Flat in which Freshman Sibel Fite was 5th. Junior Charlotte Arrouye was 2nd in Novice Flat. Great rides by Freshman Maggie Long and Sophomore Leticia Guimaraes, who was 4th in her flat class.
11/12,13/17 Stanford Red Barn IHSA Zone 8 Region 1 Horse Show Lexie Smallwood: win Open Flat
Kayleigh Dobson: two wins in Novice Flat (Saturday and Sunday)
Alyssa Byerly: win in Intermediate Fences
Charlotte Arrouye: win in Novice Flat
Overall Team Champions on Sunday 11/13

Iron Horse Equestrian


IHSA Zone 8 Region 1 Competition Lexie Smallwood: 5th Open Fences, 3rd Open Flat
Alyssa Byerly: 2nd Intermediate Fences
Camille DuBois: 1st Novice Fences, 5th Intermediate Flat
Wendy Conaway: 3rd Novice Fences
Kayleigh Dobson: 6th Novice Flat
Julia Ventura: 6th Intermediate Flat
Sibel Fite: 2nd Intermediate Flat
Maggie Long: 4th Beginning Walk Trot Canter
Charlotte Arrouye: 3rd Novice Flat
2/4,5/17 Stanford Red Barn IHSA Zone 8 Region 1 Horse Show Lexie Smallwood: 4th place Open Fences, 3rd place both days of Open Flat
Alyssa Byerly: 5th place Open Fences, 4th place Open Flat
Camille DuBois: 6th place Intermediate Flat, 5th place Novice Fences
Sibel Fite: 4th place Intermediate Fences, 3rd and 4th place Intermediate Flat (competed both days)
Julia Ventura: 4th place Novice Fences
Wendy Conaway: 5th place Novice Fences
Maddie Mott: 6th place Novice Flat
Charlotte Arrouye: 1st place Novice Flat
Maggie Long: 1st place Beginning walk trot canter
Kayleigh Dobson: 3rd place Novice Fences, 3rd place Novice Flat
Leticia Guimaraes: 3rd place Novice Flat
2/26/17 Stanford Red Barn IHSA Zone 8 Region 1 Regional Finals Lexie Smallwood: 3rd place Open Flat
Charlotte Arrouye: 5th place Novice Flat
Camille DuBois: 2nd place Novice Fences
4/8/17      Stanford Red Barn      IHSA Zone 8 Championships      Alyssa Byerly: 6th Place Intermediate Fences
Camille DuBois: 5th Place Novice Fences