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Date Location Results
2/17/18 Fiesta Island, San Diego

Jared Shimada: 152 out of 184

Swim: 9:45, Bike 39:24, Run 25:18


WCCTC Conference Championship

Lopez Lake (Cal Poly San Luis Obispo)  

Micah Klaeser: place overall 72

Total Time: 2:33:59 


USA Triathlon Collegiate Club Nationals*

Race Distance: 5.2K Run, 40K Bike, 5.2K Run.

Men's Team Ranked 86th out of 102.

Jared Shimada (Overall Time: 2:07:23. Place: 555/1144)

Gil Ramirez (Overall Time: 2:11:14. Place: 642/1144)

5/5/18 - 5/6/18

Wildflower Triathlon Festival

Olympic Distance Collegiate Division:
Gilbert Ramirez 37th, 2:51:49
Paul Nauleau 66th, 3:24:06

On Road Sprint:
Jared Shimada, 39th Overall, 4th in Div, 1:20:42
Thomas Lyp 15th in Div, 1:42:21

Off Road Sprint:
Micah Klaeser 5th overall, 3rd in Div, 2nd overall swim, 1:10:29

*Converted from Olympic Distance Triathlon to Duathlon due to water conditions