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Date Location Competition Result
10/12-10/13/19 UCSC: Belmont Training Stables  IHSA Region 1 Teams 

Sunday Results:

Stephanie Novas: 3rd in Open Fences, 4th in Intermediate Flat

Maddie Mott: 4th Place in Limit Fences

Olivia Rodriguez: 6th in Limit Flat

Julie Maloney: Reserve in Limit Fences

Franziska Heilig: 4th Place in Novice Flat

11/2-11/3/19 Stanford University Red Barn  IHSA Region 1 Teams

Saturday Results:

Stephanie Novas: 6th in Intermediate Flat

Luisa Southworth: 5th Intermediate Fences

Olivia Rodriguez: 6th Limit Flat

Franziska Heilig: 1st Novice Flat

Julia Golombik: 5th Pre-Novice Flat

Sunday Results:

McKenzie Lane: 5th Open Fences, 2nd Open Flat

Luisa Southworth: 5th Intermediate Fences

Stephanie Novas: 2nd Intermediate Flat

Olivia Rodriguez: 2nd Limit Flat

2/1-2/2/20 UC Berkeley Iron Horse Equestrian Center IHSA Region 1 Teams

Saturday Results:

McKenzie Lane - 2nd Open Fences, 4th Open Flat

Stephanie Novas - 1st Intermediate Flat, qualified for regionals in the Intermediate Flat

Olivia Rodriguez - 2nd Limit Fences, N/A Limit Flat

Erica Svendahl - 3rd Limit Fences

Madeline Mott - 6th Limit Flat

Franziska Heilig - 3rd Novice Flat

Sunday Results:

McKenzie Lane - 2nd Open fences, 3rd Open flat

Madeline Mott - N/A Limit Fences

Lauren Chaney - N/ A Limit Fences

Olivia Rodriguez - 2nd Limit Flat

Franziska Heilig - 1st Novice Flat

Lauren Davis - N/A Novice Flat

Naomi Watson - N/A Novice Flat

2/8-2/9/20 Stanford University Red Barn IHSA Region 1 Teams



Stanford University Red Barn


tentative - UC Davis

IHSA Zone 8 Teams  

tentative - UC Davis

CCEF (California Equestrian Finals)