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Women's Lacrosse

Date Location Competitors Results     Comments
11/12/19  Bellomy Field, Santa Clara Alumni Game    
1/26/20  UC Davis UC Davis W 15-0 

3 goals by Kelly G. and Sammy M., 2 goals by Jackie M. and Kaitlin F., other goals by Ginger L., Marge B., Allie K., Liria D., and Caroline P.

Goalie Kate Rice had 5 saves and shutout the other team.  

2/1/20  Bellomy Field, Santa Clara UC Santa Barbara W 16-3  4 goals by Natalie G., 3 goals by Kelly G., 2 goals by Ginger L., Kaitlin F. and Liria C., and 1 goal by Jackie M., Sammy M., and Caroline P.  
2/8/20 Bellomy Field, Santa Clara San Diego State University W 7-6 

Awesome game that went into overtime. Natalie Goodson scored 3 goals and had the game winner in overtime. Great performance by goalie Kate Rice.



Golden State Invitational Tournament University of Georgia L 6-10 University of Michigan L 8-11 University of Pittsburgh L 6-16  
2/29/20 Bellomy Field, Santa Clara UC Berkeley W 13-12   
3/7/20 Cal Poly SLO Cal Poly SLO    
3/14/20 Bellomy Field, Santa Clara Saint Mary's College    
4/5/20 Bellomy Field, Santa Clara UCLA    
4/18-4/19/20 Grand Canyon University WWLL Playoffs    
5/6-5/9/20 Round Rock, Texas National Championships