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Free Agents

Looking for a team to join? The Intramural Program does not form teams of individuals, but rather helps our potential participants locate a team that just needs a few extra players.

As a Free Agent, you can join a team at any point during the regular season, although getting connected early helps out a lot.

Free Agents have a few options to reach out to IM Team Captains searching for extra players:

  1. Attend the Mandatory Captain’s meeting for the sport you are interested in participating in. This is the most successful opportunity for Free Agents to find a team. All the Team Captains are in the same room, and someone is usually looking for an extra player.
  2. We are in the process of changing our IM registration software, check this page for updates on how to sign up as a free agent once we finalize our registration process.

Free Agent Meeting (the mandatory Captain’s Meeting)

Free Agents are strongly advised to attend the mandatory Captain’s Meeting. Captain’s Meetings are sport specific; see the  for specific information. This is the BEST way to meet all of the Team Captains. Many Free Agents can be added to teams during this meeting, but there is no guarantee there will be openings available for Free Agents. If you cannot attend the meeting, your contact info will remain posted online for Captains to search for players when needed. The Student Coordinator Office will establish Free Agent Teams if there are spots available within a league and enough individuals interested to form a team.