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Stay At Home Options

To support the students, faculty and staff at Santa Clara University during suspended operations, Campus Recreation has put together this list of links that cover topics like at-home workouts, managing your free time and more. 

Although we aren't able to offer in-person programming at our facilities at this time, we will continue to support you by providing wellness resources. The following list provides online resources to help keep you active until our facilities reopen and programs resume. 

Note: The following resources are suggestions from Campus Recreation staff and are not officially endorsed by Santa Clara University or its affiliates.

Below are a variety of links to indoor exercise options - these are all free options. If you have an option you would like to suggest for us to post please email it to and we will add them when we are able 

Close to Santa Clara University are many outdoor activities to get out during the shelter in place but still be able to maintain 6 feet of social distancing. This is not all the possibilities and if you have other suggestions please email them to and we will add them as we are able. 

In addition, you can just run, walk or roll from your house in different directions each day. We would love to know if you are doing this and if you are please share your distance with us - we would like to know how far you went & would love to see how far the SCU community can go. We will keep you updated on the progress. Click here to log your miles (log as many times as you would like).  

With the Sullivan Aquatic Center closed at this time you are not able to get your laps in here are some free options for free dry-land workouts. If you have other activities for swimmers to do at this time pass them on to and we will get them posted as we are able 

Here are some links to various videos to help you improve your game & your mind while the facilities are closed. 

  • Basketball - how to perfect your shot YouTube Video 
  • Volleyball - many videos on how to coach volleyball (YouTube)
  • Soccer - various training drills on YouTube by Epic Soccer 
  • Ultimate Frisbee - trick shots and more (YouTube)
  • Golf Tee App - IOS or Google Play - are you missing the greens - play 9 holes on 6 courses for free 
  • On-line brain games- by  

At this time of COVID-19 and the shelter in place - you might just need to take a minute & calm yourself with a deep-breath - these are some free options we have found. If you have other options for the SCU community please pass them on to and I will get them posted as I am able 

Purchasing coloring books or journals are also good activities to clear your minds. 

Stay spiritual with our friends in Campus Ministry - click here to see their website. 

Campus Recreation wants to see how many miles the SCU Community can log at this time. We know we are staying at home but we still need to get out and be active. Run, walk, or roll from your house in different directions each day. We would love to know if you are doing this and if you are please share your distance with us click here to log your miles (log as many times as you would like). We will update the Leaderboard each Monday by the end of the business day. Stay active SCU. 

As of 5/26 at 10:30 a.m. the SCU community has logged the following miles: 2,346.41 miles (we are 84 miles shy of Detriot, Michigan from SCU)

Students have logged 112 times 

Faculty/Staff have logged 178 times 

The top 3 students are:

  1. Lypinator 334.30 miles 
  2. Kristen D. 133 miles  
  3. Alex H 109.2 miles

The top 3 faculty/staff are: 

  1. Meg G 499.66 miles (I feel like I should round up to 500 miles!) 
  2. CB90 337.1 miles
  3. Psychling 206 miles

Thank you for participating - we will update this leaderboard again after next Monday, June 1 by the end of the business day. Can we get to the east coast by Monday as we hit the month of June? This event will end finals week.