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Frequently Asked Questions about Wait Listing

  1.  Which Undergraduate classes will offer a wait list for Spring 2023 term after they reach capacity and are closed?
    • There are several courses in the colleges of UBUSN, UENGR, and UARSC that will offer the wait list option. However, NOT ALL courses offer wait lists.  The wait list option is only available once all seats in a class have been filled and the section is closed.  When a Class Search is performed to include closed classes, users will notice a yellow triangle beside classes that have available wait list seats.  Also, CourseAvail will show the status of Wait List Open or Wait List Closed.
  2. How does the wait list process work?
    • If the class you are trying to register for is full, and has an open wait list, you can click on the "Wait list if class is full" box.  To be eligible for a wait list course you must meet all course prerequisites. When attempting to enroll you will be put on a wait list if the wait list capacity has not been reached and you meet the requirements.
    • Wait List Step by Step Direction
  3. How do you know if a class has a wait list?
    • The wait list option is only available once all seats in a class have been filled and the section closes.  When a Class Search is performed to include these closed classes, users will notice a yellow triangle beside classes that have available wait list seats.
  4. When using CourseAvail how can I see if there are spaces available on the Wait List or if it has closed?
    • Each course will show one of the following four statuses:
      1. Seats Available
      2. Closed
      3. Wait List Open
      4. Wait List Closed
  5. What is the maximum number of units for which students can wait list for?
    • Students can wait list up to 15 units.
      • These wait list units are non-billable.
      • Wait listed units do not count toward the student's maximum number of allowable units for a term.
      • Students can be on wait lists for multiple classes, as long as the total number of units for these classes does not exceed 15.  This limit cannot be overridden with any enrollment override or permission number.
  6. Can students wait list for more than one section of the same class?
    • Yes, but each wait list attempt for a section must be done as a separate transaction.  After successfully being put on the wait list for one section, empty the shopping cart and then enter the next section number.
  7. Can students wait list for classes that will conflict with other courses in their schedule, including other wait listed courses?
    • Yes, however at the time of enrollment in the course they cannot have a time conflict in their already enrolled in courses on their schedule.
  8. How can you tell if you are have been added to the wait list?
    • After following the process to enroll, immediately view your class schedule as it will reflect "waiting" next to the class if you have been added to the wait list.
  9. If a course is set up for wait list and an enrolled student drops from the class will another student be allowed to enroll in their place?
    • No, the wait list option does not allow further enrollment in the course.
  10. If a student drops from the wait list, will another student be able to wait list in the class?
    • Yes, the next student who puts himself or herself on the wait list will be given the spot.
  11. How does a student drop from the wait list?
    • Students can remove themselves from a wait list by following the same process as for a standard drop.
  12. What is the first and last day to get on a wait list for a class?
    • Students cannot get on a wait list until their enrollment appointment has begun.
    • The last day to get on a wait list for Spring is  March 3, 2023.
  13. What will prevent students from getting on a wait list?
    • Requisites for the class are not met.
    • Instructor or Department consent is required.
    • A hold exists on the student's record.
    • Enrollment appointment has not arrived.
    • Last day to wait list for classes has passed.
    • Maximum number of wait listed units has been reached (15 units).
    • Already enrolled in that class section.
    • Already on the wait list for that class section.
    • Wait list capacity has been met.
    • Class is not closed.
  14. What do you do if you have a permission number to get into a class that you were waitlisted for but using it will cause you to overload.
    • Option: Swap with another course so that you remain within your cap limit.
    • With the exception of engineers, who can register up to a cap of 20 units, the rest of the UGRD populuation can register up to 19 units.  Beginning on  Tuesday, February 28, 2023 @ 12:05 AM seniors with a minimum CUM GPA of 2.20 may register up to 20 units.
    • Beginning on Monday, April 3, 2023 @ 12:05 AM, honor students and students with a CUM GPA of 3.3 and above can Overload (up to 25 units).
    • Permission to overload, outside of either of the above two situations must be requested at the Drahmann center.

NOTE: SPRING term wait lists for Undergraduates will be purged on March 20, 2023.