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UAS at the University

At this time, all Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) are prohibited from flying over campus property

They can be referred to by various names including, but not limited to: Drones, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), Remotely Piloted Aircraft (RPA), remote control hobby craft airplanes and copters. For the purposes of this communication, “drone” will be used to refer to all unmanned, radio-controlled aircraft piloted from the ground.

  • Although drones offer great potential for research and can provide commercial and social benefit, they also present significant safety, security and privacy concerns.
  • This prohibition is primarily due to Santa Clara University’s proximity to Mineta San Jose Airport.
  • Under current law and Federal Aviation Administration rules, drones are prohibited from being flown over Santa Clara University campus property.
  • This prohibition applies to students, faculty, staff and third parties (i.e. wedding photographers) for any reason and under any circumstances.


Here you will find the most current information for UAS at Santa Clara University
  • Summary of Small Unmanned Aircraft Rule (Part 107)
  • Know Before You Fly: An education campaign founded by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) and the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) in partnership with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to educate prospective users about the safe and responsible operation of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS)