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Human Resources

Human Resources manages all aspects of payroll and benefits. Absences and leaves are governed by the Faculty Handbook §3.8, but are coordinated through the department chair, the dean, and HR.


Contract Cycles

Your contract will stipulate the term of your employment. For adjunct faculty, this will be a fixed term such as a quarter or two. For lecturers and tenure-stream faculty, it will be the academic year. You are paid after every two weeks of service, and checks are cut/deposited one week after the two-week cycle, so your first paycheck of a given term will arrive roughly three weeks into your contract. Paydays are the closest business day to the 7th and 22nd of each month. 

Payroll Forms

Payroll forms, including the direct deposit enrollment form, the W-4, and address change forms, are all available from the Quicklinks page of the HR website. In addition, the Provost's Office publishes a page that details its policies and protocols related to compensation. 

Getting Paid

Most faculty have their paycheck direct deposited in their bank account. You will not receive a physical paystub from HR; but you can check and print it online on eCampus.  ECampus opens by defaulty to your faculty options (Faculty & Advisor Center, Faculty Elections, Manage Password tiles), but you can access payroll and benefits by clicking on the drop-down menu reading "Faculty" at the top of the page, and selecting "Employee." Even if you sign up for direct deposit right away, you will need to pick up your first paycheck in person at HR, or ask Vicky (if you’re teaching undergrads) or Joe Morris/Lynne Lukenbill (if you’re teaching in GPPM) to pick it up for you (only they are authorized to do this).


Santa Clara offers generous benefits to employees, including medical, dental, vision, and employee assistance program, retirement (with 10% matching regardless of the level of your contribution for benefits-eligible employees), educational discounts, life/AD&D/supplemental medical insurance, long term care insurance, disability insurance and leaves, and discounts. Faculty who are not benefits eligible may may still arrange with HR to contribute to an IRA. All of these benefits are detailed and updated on the HR website, and your own elective benefits are published in your Workday account. In addition, the Provost's Office maintains a page on compensation that includes information on benefits.

For Academic Year Adjunct Lecturers on a 10-month contract, you are eligible to apply for unemployment if you are not teaching, or even if earning to a certain level. The State of California Employment Development Department lists Eligibility Requirements on its website, and provides a 2-page fact sheet that answers some basic questions.

Every year, during the open enrollment period (mid-October to the end of November), HR publishes the new benefit schedule for the coming calendar year, and holds a Wellness and Benefits Expo so that you can meet various providers and get questions answered.