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Modified Duties & Jury Duty

Modified Duties Policy

In 2010, the faculty senate and the Board of Trustees approved a modified duties policy that allows greater flexibility for faculty. In short, if you take paid leave of absence for part of an academic term (for pregnancy disability leave, family leaves, medical leave, industrial disability leaves or military leave), you are eligible for modified duties during the remainder of the term. Furthermore, you will normally be granted approval to perform these modified duties without off-campus responsibilities if you’re not eligible for family or medical leave or if a return to campus would create an undue burden. The full policy is laid out in Faculty Handbook § (link to the right), and referenced on the Provost's page on Teaching Resources.

Jury Duty

University policy allows that you are released from faculty obligations with no loss of pay to the extent necessary to perform jury duty or to testify as a witness, provided you’ve made every effort to schedule such activity when it will not interfere with teaching responsibilities. For protracted cases, contact the department chair promptly so that appropriate plans can be made (Faculty Handbook §