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Tenure & Promotion

Documents & Disclaimer

Faculty Handbook chapter 3 discusses contractual terms for faculty. It describes the various types of faculty appointment (§3.1) and stipulates procedures for recruitment and appointment (§3.2), evaluation (§3.3), promotion, reappointment and tenure (§3.4), and termination (§3.5), along with other related matters.

In addition to the Faculty Handbook, the Provost maintains a page with links to evaluation and promotion guidelines.

The College of Arts and Sciences also publishes its own Protocols & Procedures online.

Nothing written in this section should be taken to supersede any of these official University and College documents. Rather, we intend simply to supplement them with clarifications about departmental practice.


The schedule of deadlines for the submission of materials for promotion vary by rank:

Rank You Submit by Dept Ltrs by
RTLs for promotion to Sr Lecturer Sep 15 Nov 1
Assistant Professors for tenure and promotion to Associate Sep 11 Oct 12
Associate Professors for promotion to Full Sep 11 Oct 12



The university has contracted with an outside vendor to use the Faculty 180 program to collect and manage evaluation and promotion materials. Login on this page. Ths first time you login, you will have no id or password, so click the "Forgot password?" link and insert your email address. You will then be sent an automatic email with instructions regarding how you can "change" your password, which really means setting a password for the first time. Once you do this, you'll be directed back to the log in page, where you'll be able to successful log in. Keep in mind that your username is your email address, minus the "" (e.g., dgray).