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SCU uses Concur to handle reimbursement for all grant allocation expenses (including department travel grants) except additional salary lines,which are handled through HR.  

Your login is your employee number (on the front of your Access card, without the initial zeros) (; you create your own password when you first login.

When you create a new expense report, include your name and the purpose of the event in your Report Name. Then include the grant string, which has several parts.  For example, the one we all use annually for travel expenses has the following four parts: the Department is RELS (our department), the Fund is 11001 (Education and General Fund), the Program is IN (Instruction), and the Activity is TRAV (Travel). Select each of these from the appropriate drop-down menu (if "TRAV" doesn't appear as an option, just type it in).

Try to collate all of your event-related charges in a single Expense Report, and for each component expense in the report, be sure to include your last name or initials and description in the "Description" category. This allows Vicky to keep track of the data, as she sees only these Descriptions and not the full report name. 

The University will reimburse you up to your allocation. There may be funds in the spring to cover costs that went beyond your original allocation, so keep your receipts for unreimbursed expenses and check if you can submit them toward the end of the fiscal year (June 30).