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Tech Resources

Access Card & Flex Account

The New Faculty Quickstart Guide provides information about your Access card—what it is, how to get it, how to use it, and when it is activated.

There is some specific information we can add for RS faculty. If you come to campus when Kenna is locked, you can use your Access Card to enter the building through the door that faces the Ignatian Lawn. The card can be used as a debit card; you can add money to your "Flex Account" online or at various kiosks on campus, and use those funds by using the card at various venues on and off campus (see the Access Office website for a current list of off-campus businesses that accept Flex).

If you need to replace your card, there is $15 fee. The Access office in Benson can take care of this for you, and they can usually code your card for access to the buildings you need. If they can’t, you can always do that at the Facilities Building (#604 on the campus map).

The Access Card is tied to your contract—the card works only when you do; see the New Faculty Quickstart Guide for an explanation. If you need any assistance in advance of your card’s activation consult with Vicky for workarounds.

Offices & 3rd floor Kenna Facilities

Before you arrive, the Department Chair will determine the office that will be allocated to you and will get it set up with a computer, phone, and basic office furniture. Currently, all Religious Studies faculty, tenure-stream as well as lecturers, have offices on the third floor of Kenna Hall.

Mailing Services

The folks in Mailing Services route all incoming and outgoing snail mail, UPS and FedEx packages to and from our department. Student employees pick up our box of outgoing mail on weekdays around 10:00 or 10:30 am and drop off the mail that’s come in, which is then put in our boxes by Vicky or our student worker. During the intersession between fall and winter quarters, mail delivery stops from about a week after grades are due until winter quarter begins (or a few days before, depending on the calendar). It is possible in those days before Christmas to visit the Facilities Building to pick up any packages you might have shipped to the office

If you miss the day’s mail pick-up in the department, you can still get something in that day’s mail by getting to the Campus Post Office in the basement of Benson before 4:30 pm. Bring cash, though — they don’t take checks or credit cards.

Laminated cards with bar codes to charge postal expenses to department accounts are located in a basket near our mail boxes. You will also find Express Mail and FedEx forms and envelopes on the lateral file cabinet outside Vicky's office.

Computers & Campus Network

The department provides you with a computer, either a Dell or an Apple computer. Some of our equipment in on an automatic replacement cycle of three years. Each classroom is also equipped with a locked cart containing a pc, a Mac, and laptop hookups, along with video projection equipment.

For information about the campus WiFi network, email, eCampus (class and advising rosters, grades), Camino (our learning management software), Workday (for payroll and benefits), Media Services (for in-class tech resources), or Information Technology (troubleshooting hardware and software issues), see the New Faculty Quickstart Guide.

Google Drive

The suite of Google applications that is built into our email system allows you to upload, convert, share, and edit documents with colleagues and students. This brief video demonstrates how to do these basic functions. To expand the video to full screen, roll over the video to reveal the controls along the bottom, and click the rectangle (Full Screen) icon in the lower right corner.

Telephone, VM & University Directory

The University uses a digital voice over internet protocol (VOIP) system from Cisco. There are two different phone models, each with their own quick reference card and user guide for using the phone and voicemail.

The University publishes an online University Phonebook with faculty, staff and administrators organized by name and by office or unit. The first year you’re here (and frankly, probably after that as well!), Vicky will maintain your listing. But you’ll be reminded directly every September to check your listing to be sure it is accurate, and to notify our “Department’s phonebook representative” (that would be Vicky) of any changes that need to be made.

Shared Office Equipment

The Department provides and maintains under contract several larger pieces of equipment for common use. Several of these are networked to our office computers.


At each end of Kenna Hall, you will find a copy machine where you can copy and scan documents, once Vicky gives you a copy code. You’re authorized to use this code on any of the department copiers or printers, as well as on faculty/staff copy machines located on the first and third floor of the learning commons. Once your computer is networked, IT staff will configure it to print directly to the department copiers. It is possible to set print jobs, both from your computer and at the copier, to run double-sided, stapled, etc. To do this from your computer, hit the print command, and then explore the pop-up menus in the print window, which will look something like this:


The department has a couple of printers on each end of the third floor Kenna hallway. Outside and to the left of Vicky’s office are the laser printer (RELS_DELL5200) and the color printer, USSRABBIT106. Inside Kenna 323A is our biggest and most versatile copier, USRABBIT157. On the west end of Kenna, there’s an HP laser printer and a small copy machine (copier #7).


Black and white copies on the Rabbit printers in Kenna and in the library cost 1.2¢ (2¢ for double sided), and color copies cost 8¢. Scans made on USSRABBIT 157 and sent to an email address of your choice are free. We’ve never priced out how much each copy on the laser printers costs, but since each toner cartridge for the DELL5200 costs $200, we encourage you to use the other printers and particularly the copiers for high-volume jobs. Two more cost-effective suggestions:

  • Consider placing orders for high volume jobs (syllabi or lengthy course resources) with CopyCraft, a nearby print shop (Lafayette and Poplar). Order forms can be found in the file rack near the DELL5200. CopyCraft staff pick up and drop off the order, and their prices beat even our high-volume printers
  • Consider placing as many resources as possible on Camino.

And remember: course readers MUST be ordered through the Campus Bookstore so that copyright can be secured and so that students can better estimate book costs before registering for your class. For the federal law governing this, see the section on custom textbooks in the Higher Education Opportunity Act.

Fax Machine

The department fax machine (408.554.2387) is located outside Vicky’s office to the left. To send a fax, place your document face down on the paper tray (1), dial your number, prefixed with 9 to get off campus, 1, and the area code even if it is 408 (2), and press the blue start button (3). If you would like a transmission report for verification that the fax went through, press reports (4), use the arrows (5) to select the report you want (cycle through to report 4 - Transmission), and then press Set (6).

Stationery & Office Supplies

Vicky keeps a host of office supplies in the cabinets in her office. You’re free to take what you need at any time, though if you notice the stock is running low, please give Vicky a heads up. She also has file folders, and there are spare binders in the copy room in the east end of Kenna. If you need something that’s not in the cabinets, Vicky can order it for you through our discounted supplier. If it’s a big-ticket item, it might have to be approved by the Department Chair first. You can also be reimbursed for items you purchase, but remember that Vicky can probably get it at a deeper discount through our normal vendor.