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Parking is available on the perimeter of campus in several lots and parking structures detailed on the campus parking map, with some facilities for disabled parking closer to dorms and offices and some electric car charging stations in the parking structures (Chargepoint).  Faculty and staff pay to park on campus in spots and lots designated with a "B." Information about parking, including fees, parking hours, citations and appeals, can be found at the Campus Safety Parking Services page.

Bike Commuting & Rental on Campus

Transportation Services on campus supports greener commutes by offering two programs: Derozap (a program to encourage commuting by bike from off-campus) and Zagster (a bike sharing program on campus).  

Carpooling and Car Rental on Campus

Transportation Services on campus also supports greener commutes by offering two programs: a carpooling program to help people find potential poolers (cars with 2 or more persons receive a free parking pass), and ZipCars, to provide vehicles for students, faculty and staff to rent on a short-term basis.

Mass Transit Options & Discounts

Several public transit agencies serve campus (* below), and if you purchase a monthly pass on them you can also receive a free parking pass for five days in that month (apply through Transportation Services):

  • ACE * - the Altamont Corridor Express offers major discounts to SCU students and faculty.
  • AC Transit - bus service in Alameda and Contra Costa Counties
  • Amtrak * - rail service
  • BART - Bay Area Rapid transit serves from San Francisco International Airport north to SF and the east bay, and south to the Berryessa Station in East San Jose (as of Spring 2018).
  • Caltrain * - runs from San Francisco to Gilroy
  • Muni - light rail and bus service in San Francisco
  • samTrans - bus service in San Mateo County
  • VTA * - the Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority runs light rail and buses in Santa Clara County

Clipper Card

The Clipper Card is a transit card recognized by most of the Bay Area transit agencies.  Use it to pay for rides and in some cases even parking.  Tap it on a reader in a bus or at the train platform, and for all rides whose fares depend on distance (e.g., Caltrain, BART), tag out as well.