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About the Salon

The Salon is sponsored by the College of Arts and Sciences Center for the Arts and Humanities. The Center was created through the generosity of Victor and Julia Botto Vari, the Jesuit Community, and Santa Clara University President Michael Engh, S.J.
A Salon was proposed as part of the new Center for the Arts and Humanities as a way to promote social responsibility through creative exploration and discussion.  Different from a conference or an institute, the Salon includes a variety of artistic and thought-provoking activities that are meant to engage (and maybe even unsettle) the audience.  But these initial performances are only half of what constitutes the Salon.  
In fact, the very name "Salon" was chosen because immediately after these activities there will be food and beverages and a welcoming atmosphere for people to address the issues and the effect of the presentations.  Like the 17th and 18th century salons of Europe, this atmosphere is meant to be both entertaining and informative. The goal is for audience members, fresh from the initial presentations, to gather in a comfortable, format-free setting and discuss their impressions, emotions, thoughts, etc.      


The 2018 Salon theme is “Culture, Power, Difference.” We recognize that especially in our current political climate, when divisions seem to be pulling us away from our mutuality, these are highly contested terms. This year’s Salon encourages us to think critically and creatively about the connections between culture, power, and difference - to think about the political nature of cultural practices and the cultural influences on politics. In partnership with departments across the College, the Salon will ask: Who has the power to shape culture? How do underrepresentation and misrepresentation reinforce inequality? When do initiatives for diversity replace real talk about equity? We hope to explore these questions and others through a variety of scholarly and artistic modalities as well as through communal reflection and dialogue.

Salon Series events took place Weeks 4-7 of the 2018 Winter Quarter (January 29-February 23).


Past Events