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Goal 3

Santa Clara University will build on its academic programs and linkages within Silicon Valley to become one of the top educational institutions advancing an entrepreneurial mindset, scientific discovery, and technological innovation in greater service of humanity.


  • Strengthen the departments, schools, centers, and Silicon Valley partnerships that are critical to expanding Santa Clara's efforts in entrepreneurship and scientific and technological innovation.
  • Promote an entrepreneurial mindset throughout relevant academic programs by emphasizing avenues where novel ventures can generate social benefit while advancing prosperity.
  • Create and sustain a multidisciplinary collaborative space—virtual and physical—that stimulates and supports students, faculty, staff, and external partners engaging in scientific and technological innovation and entrepreneurial ventures.
  • Mobilize a global network of Jesuit universities and mission-aligned institutions to incubate and accelerate social enterprises worldwide.

Key Features Include:

  • Strengthened schools, centers, and Silicon Valley partnerships
  • Opportunity to develop entrepreneurial mindset across curriculum and co-curriculum
  • Multidisciplinary collaborative spaces
  • Global network of incubators and accelerators for social benefit
  • Enhanced programs and centers including the Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, the High Tech Law Institute, the Global Social Benefit Incubator, the Kern Engineering Entrepreneurship Network, the Frugal Innovation Lab


Silicon Valley is the global center of innovation, drawing extraordinary talent and resources to the Bay Area and spawning new scientific and technological industries and trailblazing ventures.

As a premier University spirited by Jesuit ideals, Santa Clara University delivers an invaluable pipeline of graduates who possess the knowledge, skills, and creativity to make lasting contributions to the region.

Santa Clara alumni offer more than just technical expertise; they bring an uncommon commitment to ethical practice and developing enterprises that positively impact people, the community, and the environment.

Through the University's signature programs in entrepreneurship, high-tech law, frugal engineering, and global social entrepreneurship, Santa Clara is catalyzing innovative startups and producing the next generation of entrepreneurial professionals for Silicon Valley and beyond.