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Goal 5

Santa Clara University will recruit and graduate a broadly diverse community of highly talented students while striving to make a Santa Clara education more affordable.


  • Increase the enrollment, retention, and graduation rates of students from underrepresented or underserved populations.
  • Provide sufficient financial assistance to ensure that low-income students and students from middle-class families can afford the costs of a holistic Santa Clara University education.
  • Efficiently deploy resources to effectively execute Santa Clara's programs and operations while minimizing future tuition increases.
  • Recruit and retain outstanding faculty members whose teaching, research, and life experience enrich the diversity of Santa Clara's academic community with respect to race, ethnicity, and gender.

Key Features Include:

  • Programs to support success of first-generation students and those from underrepresented groups including development of advising and mentoring programs, along with expansion of the LEAD Scholars Program and Young Scholars Program
  • Increased scholarships for low-income and middle-class students
  • Operational efficiencies to curb tuition increases
  • Improved recruitment and retention of faculty and staff from diverse backgrounds


Santa Clara University plays a key role in forming the next generation of citizens and leaders, particularly in Silicon Valley—one of the most racially and ethnically diverse regions in the country.

The shifting demographics of college-bound students call the University to two courses of action—affordably educating a more diverse population of students and preparing all students to participate in an increasingly diverse culture and workforce.

Aspiring for excellence through inclusion, Santa Clara will enhance recruitment, retention, and the success of a highly diverse and talented academic community.