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Goal 6

Santa Clara University will grow in national reputation as an outstanding university with distinctive programs of excellence inspired by Jesuit educational values.


  • Develop and execute a comprehensive strategic plan for marketing, based on rigorous research and best practices.
  • Recruit, train, and graduate student-athletes of the highest ability and sportsmanship whose success will enhance the University's reputation among students, prospective students, alumni, and friends.

Key Features Include:

  • Development and implementation of a centralized, full-service marketing program
  • Strategic utilization of digital technology and social media to deliver personalized marketing messages
  • Excellence in intercollegiate athletics
  • Strategic support for the athletic program based on the President's Blue Ribbon Committee on Athletics


Santa Clara University will achieve new levels of excellence as it attracts the interest, imagination, and support of current and prospective students, faculty, staff, alumni, benefactors, and friends.

Future success in recruiting talent and garnering resources will depend significantly on Santa Clara's national visibility and the strength of its reputation as a distinctive university making important contributions.