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Lab research A to Z

David Doroquez
Biology major conducts the entire scientific experiment, from developing a hypothesis to publishing an article on his findings. Read the full profile »

Opening doors to further education

Silvia Figueira
Associate Professor, Computer Engineering
The buzzing locale and opportunity to research with students prompts engineer professor to join SCU community. Read the full profile »

Next-generation efforts on tiny technology

Cary Yang
Professor, Electrical Engineering
A professor, researching for NASA and U.S. Army, gives students access to cutting edge equipment in a nanostructures lab. Read the full profile »

Finding the materials for success

Jeffrey Seago
Mechanical Engineering major
Mechanical engineering major took part every step of the way creating a new, bouncy material--metallic glass. Read the full profile »

Conversation starter

Roujin Mozaffirimehr
Political Science major, Italian Studies major
The Markkula Center for Applied Ethics allows alumna to spur conversation regarding ethics in the Middle East. Read the full profile »