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SCU: Impact 2028 will be an aspirational, authentic plan that outlines goals and strategies for forming leaders of competence, conscience, and compassion. A broad swath of stakeholders (including students, faculty, staff, alumni, trustees, regents, and the Jesuit community) will have opportunities for input throughout the process.




President Sullivan announced the initiation of SCU’s strategic planning process. PAC met to review the steps, examine the landscape of higher education, and create a process for inviting community input as it begins to ideate around the vision for SCU’s next five years.

President's Sullivan's message to the community

PAC's meeting agenda for Jan. 17



Aspirations and opportunities

PAC collected survey data from faculty, students, staff, and alumni about aspirations for SCU, distinctive strengths, and greatest opportunities, and combined it with feedback collected from trustees and regents. 

Summary of community survey results: Part 1, Part 2

Summary of alumni survey results

All community survey responses from faculty, staff, undergraduate students and graduate students.



Initial themes and priorities

Over the course of two working sessions, PAC met to review baseline ideas and aspirations from the community and SCU's opportunities, synthesizing this data with insights about the higher education landscape. PAC defined initial themes and priorities.

PAC meeting agenda for March 14

PAC meeting agenda for April 11



Focus groups

Students, faculty, staff, administrative leaders, alumni, trustees, regents, and Jesuit community members provided feedback on preliminary ideas and themes. Consultation occurred with Faculty, Student, and Staff Senates. 

Focus group presentation

Focus group summaries

All focus group data



PAC working sessions

In the final session of the academic year, PAC built on feedback from focus groups to draft goals and an initial set of strategies. Over the summer, PAC will organize advisory groups to evaluate the feasibility of proposed initiatives.

PAC meeting agenda for June 13

Letter from CAS chairs to PAC



Community town halls

PAC will share the draft set of strategies that form the pillars of SCU: Impact 2028, and gather insights from attendees to help refine these action plans.



Finalizing the strategic plan

Considering feedback from stakeholders across campus, PAC will refine the strategies and actions that form the pillars of SCU: Impact 2028 for ratification by the Board of Trustees.